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We represent the following Stretcher manufactures with New, Overstock and Refurbished Units: Amico S-H 300 Transport Stretchers – NEW, Stryker Stretchers – Overstock & Refurbished, Stryker Stretcher Chairs – Overstock & Refurbished, Stryker Specialty Care Stretchers, Hill-Rom Stretchers – Refurbished, Pedigo Stretchers – Refurbished, Midmark Stretchers – Refurbished, and Mac Medical Stretchers – New.

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  • Stryker 1501 Stretcher

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  • Stryker SM104 Stretcher

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    Techlem 4500 & 5000SA Stretchers

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Stretchers are categorized by two types; Stretcher or Gurney. A Stretcher is a patient handling device that has the capabilities of moving the patient is a limitless amount of positions. Stretchers typically have wheels to move the unit from on locations to another, an adjustable back rest, side rails that raise and lower, I.V. pole, ability to tilt the patient head to toe and reverse and have a mattress to lie on. A Gurney is a fixed height stretcher with or without side rails and is typically used for short term use and are not a standard of care in today’s market. Stretchers primary use is to move a patient throughout a medical facility from one area to another. Stretchers can be used to move a patient from the Emergency Room to the Operating Room, from the O.R. to Recovery or to their room. Stretchers can be used to transport a patient from a holding area within the facility to a radiology department for an Ultrasound Study, CATH Procedure, C-ARM Imaging or to any other department in the facility.

Stretchers have evolved immensely since the original Gurney c.1380. Today Stretcher manufactures have designed durable, easy to use, feature rich units, safe for the operator and comfortable for the patient.

Options on today’s Stretchers are extensive:

  • Motorized Drive Systems to reduce operator fatigue
  • Big Wheels for Advanced Mobility
  • Retractable Fifth Wheel for easy mobility
  • Lift Assist Backrests to reduce operator strain
  • Recovery Chair Position for patient comfort
  • Bariatric Weight Capacity
  • Staggered Patient Controls with Lockout
  • Glideaway Siderails with Zero Transfer Gap
  • Integrated Patient Scale
  • Seamless Electric to Manual Functionality
  • Chaperone Stretcher Exit Systems
  • Litter-Mounted Oxygen Bottle Holder
  • Footend Staff Controls

Stretchers are manufactured with specific applications in mind:

  • Crib Stretchers for Children (Stryker Cub Pediatric Cribb)
  • ENT or Ophthalmic Stretchers (Stryker 1069, Stryker 1079, Stryker 1089)
  • OB/GYN Stretcher (Stryker 1061 Gynnie)
  • Radiolucent or C-Arm Stretcher (Stryker 1080 Fluoroscopy Stretcher)
  • Stretcher Chairs & ENT Ophthalmic Stretcher Chairs (Stryker 5050 & Stryker 5051
  • Transport Stretcher (Stryker Prime Series & Stryker Transport Stretcher)
  • X-Ray Stretcher (Stryker Prime X X-Ray Stretcher)

We also offer “Patient Monitors, Defibrillators, Stretchers, Surgical Tables, Surgical Lights, Blanket Warmers and more. Overstockme.com offers the Best Service and Prices Guaranteed!

Overstockme.com most popular brands:

Amico (Stretchers, Booms, Roll Stands, Monitoring Mounting Solutions

Birkova (Replacement Stretcher Pads, O.R. Table Accessories, Patient Positioning Products)

Brewer (Hospital Beds, Exam Stools, Power Hospital Beds, Hi/Low or HLT Table and more)

Cool-View (Surgical Headlight Systems)

EDAN (EKG Machines, Bladder Scanners, Patient Monitors, Vital Signs Monitors, Ultrasound Systems)

GE (EKG Machines, Stress Test System, C-Arms, Ultrasound Systems)

Integra (Surgical Headlight Systems)

MAC Medical (Warming Cabinets, Stainless Steel Products, Stretchers, I.V. Poles and more)

Maquet (Surgical Tables, Surgery Lights, O.R. Booms and other O.R. Support Products)

Microcap (Handheld Microcap9 EtCo2 Monitor with Pulse Oximetry)

Midmark/Ritter (Hospital Beds, Exam Stools, Power Hospital Beds, Hi/Low Tables & Sterilizers, EKG Machines)

Mindray (Patient Monitors, Vital Signs Monitors, Central Stations and Ultrasound Systems)

NUVO Surgical (Surgical Tables, Surgical Lights, O.R. Booms)

Steris (Surgical Tables, Surgical Lights, Warming Cabinets)

Stryker (Stretchers, Stretcher Chairs, C-Arm Stretchers, Ophthalmic Stretchers, Baby Cribs)

Welch Allyn ( Integrated Diagnostic Wall Board Systems, Blood Pressure Monitors, Patient Monitors)

Zoll (Defibrillators, AED’s)


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