OVERSTOCKME.COM offers various types of Defibrillator or AED’s for various facilities such as: Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASC’s), Hospitals, Multi-Specialty Clinics, Nursing Homes or Extended Stay Facilities, Private Practices, Urgent Care Facilities, Veterinary Clinics and Walk-In Clinics.

Let our experts at OVERSTOCKME.COM configure a stand-alone Defibrillator or Multi-Parameter Defibrillator that can include Pacing, Auto Analyze, Pulse Oximetry, Capnography, 12 Lead ECG, IBP and other parameters that meets your needs that is reliable and cost effective. Call today. We are happy to assist you and answer any questions you may have. (800) 989-4909.


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    Midmark IQecg® Digital ECG

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    Zoll R-Series ALS Defibrillator



Overstockme.com sells both manual defibrillators and AEDs in new, used and professionally refurbished condition from several industry-leading manufacturers: Philips Heartstart Defibrillators or Philips FrX AED’s, Zoll M-Series Defibrillators, Zoll R-Series Defibrillators, Zoll X-Series Defibrillators or Zoll AED Plus Units, Welch Allyn Pic Defibrillators or Welch Allyn AED 10 & Welch Allyn AED 20 Units, Medtronic LifePak Defibrillator Units (also known as Physio Control LifePak Defibrillators).

During the past few decades Defibrillators have evolved immensely making it easier for Hospitals, Ambulatory Surgery Centers, Private Practice, Learning Institutions, Federal Agencies, Private Businesses, Public Facilities like shopping malls and Home Owners to have access to the life-saving technology provided by Defibrillators or AED Units. Traditional defibrillators seen in health care facilities are manually operated by trained professionals along with the use of EKG monitoring to decide if a patient needs defibrillation.  The latest defibrillators offer additional capabilities like: Pacing, Auto Analyze, 12 Lead ECG, NIBP, Pulse Oximetry, Capnography and invasive blood pressure monitoring.  With long life batteries now on current unit’s patients can go from point of initial evaluation all the way through to the hospital without being removed from the defibrillator thus increasing their chance for a positive outcome.

Now with the cost effective and easily availability of automated external defibrillators, or AEDs, non-medical professionals can operate the machine utilizing either audible or visual prompts to administer shocks to the heart. The shock restores a rapid heart rhythm to a normal heart rhythm and reduces valuable time in life threatening situations prior to admission to a hospital.

We also offer “Patient Monitors, Defibrillators, Stretchers, Surgical Tables, Surgical Lights, Blanket Warmers and more. Overstockme.com offers the Best Service and Prices Guaranteed!

Overstockme.com most popular brands:

Amico (Stretchers, Booms, Roll Stands, Monitoring Mounting Solutions

Birkova (Replacement Stretcher Pads, O.R. Table Accessories, Patient Positioning Products)

Brewer (Exam Tables, Exam Stools, Power Exam Tables, Hi/Low or HLT Table and more)

Cool-View (Surgical Headlight Systems)

EDAN (EKG Units, Bladder Scanners, Patient Monitors, Vital Signs Monitors, Ultrasound Systems)

Integra (Surgical Headlight Systems)

MAC Medical (Warming Cabinets, Stainless Steel Products, Stretchers, I.V. Poles and more)

Maquet (Surgical Tables, Surgery Lights, O.R. Booms and other O.R. Support Products)

Microcap (Handheld Microcap9 EtCo2 Monitor with Pulse Oximetry)

Midmark/Ritter (Exam Tables, Exam Stools, Power Exam Tables, Hi/Low Tables & Sterilizers)

Mindray (Patient Monitors, Vital Signs Monitors, Central Stations and Ultrasound Systems)

NUVO Surgical (Surgical Tables, Surgical Lights, O.R. Booms)

Steris (Surgical Tables, Surgical Lights, Warming Cabinets)

Stryker (Stretchers, Stretcher Chairs, C-Arm Stretchers, Ophthalmic Stretchers, Baby Cribs)

Welch Allyn (Integrated Diagnostic Wall Board Systems, Blood Pressure Monitors, Patient Monitors)

Zoll (Defibrillators, AED’s)


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