OverStockME.com started with one goal in mind, helping you maximize your most costly expense – office space. Many facilities have a closet, storeroom or renting an off-site space dedicated to holding onto medical and surgical equipment they no longer use, but may be still useful to other health care facilities. This equipment shouldn’t be cast aside and left to collect dust and take up space. Holding onto these items is neither cost effective nor practical.   Physicians all over the World are looking for the cost saving equipment you are not using but storing with the idea you may bring it back to life for future use.  Why not give a fellow health care facility the opportunity to put your equipment to good use? While at the same time putting some money in your pocket and free up the space it is occupying. Can you just imagine what you can do with more space and easy income?  You could create a new procedure room to see more patients and increase your income.

So far this may not sound like a new idea. Physicians buy and sell equipment all the time. We are taking this one step further by providing facilities a centralized location to post your unwanted medical equipment online, giving their equipment a “NEW HOME” on the internet for resale. Your unwanted equipment will get World Wide exposure for resale at NO COST to the SELLER and security to the buyer.  Now buyers and sellers alike will be able to benefit quickly and seamlessly – overstockme.com does all the work for you and the buyer. We will post your equipment on-line, negotiate the sale, prepare the equipment for resale, ship the equipment andguarantee payment to the seller.

Many sellers could continue selling their unwanted equipment the old fashion way where your equipment will go from buyer to seller with no guarantees of usefulness or quality; or you can add in some of the services we provide and increase your selling cost. When you sell your unwanted equipment through our web-site  buyers will benefit from our in-house bio-medical services including: equipment inspection, software upgrades, repairs, refurbishing, equipment certification, new accessories, starter kit of supplies and warranties.  By posting equipment onwww.overstockme.com the buyer will receive a fully refurbished piece of equipment with the security of knowing they are purchasing a sound, reliable product. As you can see we are offering a true cost effective program to maximize your resale potential.  Weather we sell yourused equipment or equipment we have purchased from other sources, all our refurbished medical equipment receives the same attention in order to provide the highest quality products available.

Now all you have to do is post your equipment so we can begin working for you and your colleagues!

WWW.OVERSTOCKME.COM is the Web-Site of Medical Equipment Sales Associates, Inc., founded in 1996. We specialize in the sales and service of refurbished, overstock, trial and new medical and surgical equipment.  From private practices to Ambulatory Surgery Centers and hospitals we have the products, services and support you can rely on to address all your equipment needs while at the same time minimizing your cost of operation.